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It was a special year for the dairy industry, not only in Poland. The crisis caused by the Russian embargo and overproduction across the European Union, led to a sudden collapse of the market, including prices for milk collection. All these problems, faced by the dairy industry require mobilization and looking for new solutions. For years, the Dairy Cooperatives Forum has been the best place to share the experience and exchange information. This year, experts will share their knowledge about inter alia situation on the Polish, European and global dairy market, BREXIT, CETA, Common Agricultural Policy, new perspective markets from Africa, South America and Middle East.

I am convinced, that Dairy Cooperatives Forum contributes to building and strenghtening business relationships, exchange views and presenting your company as an expert and partner in the creation of new solutions.


Registration Form - 15 th DCF

Official registration for milk producers and processors has started in May 2017. Other companies can participate in the Dairy Cooperatives Forum only as Partners.

In order to make a prior registration, please contact the Organizer of the conference via e-mail: